bring back

bring back
1. bring back to the point of departure (Freq. 6)
Syn: ↑return, ↑take back
Derivationally related forms: ↑return (for: ↑return)
Hypernyms: ↑bring, ↑convey, ↑take
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s something


Somebody ——s something to somebody


Somebody ——s something PP

2. return to consciousness (Freq. 1)

These pictures bring back sad memories

Syn: ↑bring to, ↑bring round, ↑bring around
Ant: ↑anesthetize (for: ↑bring to)
Hypernyms: ↑awaken, ↑wake, ↑waken, ↑rouse, ↑wake up, ↑arouse
Hyponyms: ↑resuscitate, ↑revive
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s somebody


Something ——s somebody

* * *

bring back [phrasal verb]
1 bring (something or someone) back or bring back (something or someone)
1 a : to come back with (something or someone)

What did you bring back (with you) from your vacation?

You promised to bring back a present for me. = You promised to bring me back a present.

1 b : to cause (something or someone) to return

The death penalty was done away with in this area many years ago, but some people now want it to be brought back.

The movie is a fantasy about a man who is brought back (to life) from the dead.

The company is doing poorly, and its former president is being brought back to help solve its problems.

1 c : to cause (something or someone) to return to a condition, subject, etc.

That question brings us back (again) to the fundamental problem of world peace.

We gradually brought the conversation back to the subject of his unpaid bills.

2 bring (something) back or bring back (something) : to cause (something) to return to someone's memory

Seeing her again brought back a lot of happy memories.

I had almost forgotten about the time we spent together, but seeing her again brought it all back (to me).

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